Meet High Performance Tennis Hot Shots Player of the Term for term 3 Jia.

How old are you? 8

Where do you play Hot Shots and what stage do you currently play? East Torrens Kensington Gardens (ETKG) Tennis Club and Orange Ball stage.

What do you like most about playing tennis? I love tennis because it’s fun and keeps me fit

What is your favourite shot and why? My forehand is my favourite shot because I’m good at it.

How many times a week do you play tennis? 3 times per week. Once with my friends in a group lesson, another time for a private lesson and once with my Dad.

Who is your favourite tennis player? Angelique Kerber

What is your tennis dream? I would love to win the Australian Open on day

High Performance Tennis rewards one luck boy or girl as the “Hot Shots Player of the Term” at the end of each coaching term. The coaching team awards the player based on participation, cooperating with a partner, good communication, great sportsmanship, improvement and love of the game. The deserving boy or girl will receive a free gift.

Your child could be the next “Hot Shots Player of the Term” by registering for term 4 commencing on Monday October 17th.