With ANZ Tennis Hot Shots still being relatively new for the Generation Y parents and how they might have learnt to play tennis, the information below are some things parents should know about the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program and how they can help ensure that their children have a positive and meaningful experience learning to play tennis at a High Performance Tennis venue.

What should I expect from the Hot Shots Tennis program with High Performance Tennis?

The use of different coloured low compression balls, smaller racquets and modified courts making learning to play tennis easier, quicker and more successful.

Blue, Red, Orange and Green are the four stages of the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots pathway. Each stage uses different sized racquets and courts which increases in size as the child gets older, as well as different coloured and compression tennis balls. Children are taught by qualified Tennis Australia coaches and are encouraged to progress at their own pace, moving on to the next stage only when they are ready. The age of your child should only be used as a guide and not a criteria. High Performance use a simple set of competencies for each child to achieve in order to progress to the next stage and continue to be successful, which are on display in the clubrooms of all venues.

How should I enrol my child? What program suits my child?

There are two easy ways to enroll your child in tennis lessons with a qualified coach:

  • Private or Semi-Private Tennis Lessons
  • Group Tennis Lessons
  • Click here to read about the High Performance Tennis program options for all stages at our venues

Both options are great ways to get your child started learning to play tennis, but there are some things to consider…

Your child will generally improve quicker with regular private tennis lessons each week, though these lessons are more expensive and will not have the social engagement that group tennis lessons provide. That said, your child will also see significant improvement through group classes and outside play with family and friends. Group lessons can bring an extra aspect of fun to play, while also driving strong tennis skills growth. The best way is to ensure your child is being taught by a qualified Tennis Australia coach.

It comes down to how much your child loves the game, their motivation, and also budget.

How do i know when my child is ready for competition? How do I get them involved?

If your child has undertaken at least two terms of tennis coaching, there’s no doubt that they will be interested in taking part in fun competitive matches. If competitive play becomes too serious, it can put a lot of pressure on your child so try and keep the emphasis on having fun rather than winning.

All High Performance Tennis coaches are able to advise you on when they believe your child is ready for competition in the Easter Districts Tennis Association competition. As all the venues operate out of tennis clubs, you can play for the club you regularly participate in coaching.

The EDTA Orange and Green Ball divisions introduce kids to competitive tennis play, while also focusing on fun. This program is best suited for kids aged 8+ in teams of mixed genders.

What can the tennis club offer my child?

High Performance Tennis operates out of well-organised, child-friendly tennis clubs that will be able to accommodate young kids with coaching, group lessons, supervised competition and events for family and friends. The tennis club is one of the few places where the whole family can spend plenty of quality time together and fell connected and part of a community.