Winter can bring a host of uncomfortable conditions such as wind, extreme cold, rain, hail, etc. Even if you play winter sports, continuing your tennis development during the autumn and winter months could make all the difference heading into the up-coming summer tennis season. It’s an opportunity to continue improving fundamental motor skills as well as your tennis skills. So if you’re looking to get the edge over your opponents, or just want to stay active in a sport you love, don’t let the colder months keep you from developing your game.

Can I get tennis coaching during Autumn and Winter? How long is the coaching term?

High performance Tennis offers 10-week tennis coaching terms all year round that coincide with the school terms. Every program is available, including ANZ Tennis Hot Shots group lessons, Cardio Tennis, squads and private lessons.

What if the lesson is washed out? Do I miss out on the lesson?

If tennis lessons are washed out a Wash Out Clinic will be offered to catch up on missed lessons. There will be two Wash Out Clinics offered each term, one in the middle of the term (for lessons washed out in the first half of term) and one at the end of the term (for lessons washed out in the second half of term). Wash Out Clinics run for 90 minutes in duration and cover up to 2 missed lessons.

Cardio Tennis is a fantastic way of staying warm in a high-energy group tennis-fitness program. Whilst listening to upbeat music, the idea of Cardio Tennis is keep moving and keep the heart pumping.

Term 2 begins on April 27th and registrations are now open. Contact High Performance Tennis to book a place in one of our programs to see how we can help you improve your game this winter.